Teaching Testimonials

“Whether mentoring a novice or helping a fellow artist to perfect a new medium, Laura’s demeanor is calm and intuitive. She has an innate ability to sense how far a student wishes to push a painting. Her infectious enthusiasm for color often results in a student’s willingness, even excitement, toward enlarging his or her own palette. I had more individual attention and learned more during my first 3 hr class with Laura than I did as a freshman in art school.”

“Laura has an uncanny ability to see more color and beauty than you could ever imagine in everyday things. She sees every student as the individual they are and draws out the artist in each one, careful not to impose her style but to bring out the style of each person she guides. It has been a pleasure to work under her careful eye as I explore painting in oils. She’s inspirational and I’m honored to know her. I wish she could always be resting on my shoulder as I paint!”

“Laura, a gifted artist and teacher, creates a comfortable and stimulating environment for students to explore the creative process and their own talents. Students are provided a safe and friendly learning experience with superb instruction, in a place where they are encouraged to confidently take risks. She fosters and nurtures the love and joy of painting in all its aspects, especially color.”

“After many many years of wanting to enroll in painting lessons I finally did and have never been so happy about a decision. Not only do I love the painting aspect of it, Laura is a fabulous artist and instructor, her talents go way beyond an art instructor. She has become a truly compassionate friend to me and great friend to all that are taking classes from her. Most of her students have been with her for many years. As an accomplished artist the time she has spent with me, as a beginner, and her other students, some of which are already artists, is unbelievable. Her relaxed way of teaching people and making them feel so proud of their work is truly a gift she has. I always look forward to my days at art classes and to have Laura help me with what I am doing. Laura, and being able to take classes from her, has brought out a new life for me, one I really love. I know Laura is happy for me that I am so happy with my art. I truly feel knowing Laura has been one of the great gifts that has been given to me.”

“Having always wanted to paint but never having the courage, I can’t imagine a more perfect artist to guide me on my artistic journey. You have opened up a whole new and exciting world for me and given me a tremendous sense of accomplishment and self confidence.”

“To be instructed by Laura is a true gift…she has an incredible ability to take a group of students, at various levels, and transition them into painters. Her passion for oil painting is palpable and she shares this freely. She is extremely patient, always willing to share her vision, yet constantly encouraging the student to “follow their heart” in how they wish to paint…her excitement over the creation of a new color (!), or her delight at a student’s work, is contagious, and makes for a truly inviting and enjoyable environment in which to learn… I loved every minute of her classes and I am very much looking forward to the next one that I will be taking.”

“An outstanding experience for both the beginner and experienced oil painter. Having never picked up a paint brush four years ago, to now having the confidence to take on most subjects, Laura has been the guiding influence to my progress. Her uplifting personality makes every class an event that I look forward to each week.”

“Both of our daughters took classes with Laura for years. They both got a lot out of the classes and really enjoyed working with her. Their improvement over the years was remarkable, but more importantly, they both still love to paint! She pushed them to do their best but kept it fun and interesting.”

“I participated in Laura Tryon Jennings’ oil painting classes all throughout my four years of high school. Once I had begun taking her class I just couldn’t stop. I was immediately hooked by the knowledge and enthusiasm Laura brought fourth. It was great to be able to learn so much in such a fun and friendly environment. Laura’s classes provided me with a place where I was able to paint, learn, and have a great time with people who shared a common interest. This not only strengthened my skills as an artist, but it also made for great friendships. I am incredibly happy to have had the opportunity to learn to paint with Laura and I would recommend anyone who is interested in painting to take a class with her.”

“Laura has a profound use of color in her paintings. She enhances creativity in her students by challenging their thought process in the use of color and technique. I have seen marked improvements in my daughter’s work since starting with Laura four years ago. With Laura’s guidance, my daughter won the Gold Key award for her oil painting. Laura is a very gifted artist who encourages each student to achieve his/her fullest potential. My daughter considers herself very fortunate to have Laura has a mentor in her life.”

“I have been taking oil painting classes with Laura for five years. Painting has become one of my greatest passions. Laura has taught me so much about the mechanics and emotional aspects of painting. She has shown me that painting is a great way to release stress. Laura is an amazing teacher. She is encouraging and believes that everyone has an artist within them. I have seen many people, no matter what age, flourish from her classes. I have even won some awards in local art shows. Now that I am going on to college, I realize that Laura has been a great inspiration to me. I hope that I can continue to take classes with her in the future.”

“What can I say about Laura, not nearly enough words. Not having painted since 50 years ago in college I was apprehensive about getting started again. The first hour of Laura’s class had me getting excited about painting again. Her encouragement and enthusiasm helped me to get that first brushstroke on canvas. Laura’s infectious personality is a joy to encounter, her strong color sense and constructive guidance stimulate you to get painting. Just wish she would let me use more black!”

“Laura is a fabulous instructor; I’ve learned a great deal from her and enjoy every class. She radiates a positive, gentle energy which creates a fun and comfortable environment. Her special way of lifting you up with excitement as well as pushing you further is invaluable.”

“Laura has consistently created a collegial and constructive setting, allowing students with a range of talent and experience to grow and develop. Her individualized approach to coaching and guiding each student brings out the best in us.”