Expressive Arts Testimonials

Professional Testimonials

“Laura Tryon Jennings has been involved with a variety of programs at Hope Floats Healing & Wellness Center over the past six years. She has facilitated expressive arts workshops and retreats for women and a six-week support group last fall. She brings her own creativity and passion for the expressive arts to her work as a facilitator. She helps participants in workshops express themselves through artwork and writing, whether they have an art background or not. She puts people at ease, gently encourages them and creates safety within her groups.”

“Laura’s professionalism, compassion for people and love for her work is evident. She puts a great deal of effort into every program she has done at Hope Floats. She is a remarkable facilitator, who gets great feedback from participants of her workshops and through evaluations. It has been an honor to work with Laura over the past six years and I look forward to continued collaboration in the future.”

“Laura Jennings is an incredible artist and a phenomenal art teacher. Her method of using expressive art has impacted the at-risk youth that Crossroads for Kids serves in a major way. Children that have never been exposed to art have been thrusted into this colorful world of art, music, and culture; all by Laura’s skillful and mindful hands. Many of our children come from communities where expressing ones feeling is not praised. Laura has not only changed the minds of what art is to these children but has also therapeutically helped these children open up about their feelings and have helped them over come many challenging situations. She has touched the lives children so much so, that year after year, children continue to come back and take her class again. She is not only a wonderful teacher but she is also a wonderful person. We can’t sing her praises enough.”

“Laura Tryon Jennings was an exceptional student in our Expressive Arts Institute and the Certificate of Graduate Studies professional training programs. It was clear early on that she had a natural affinity for working sensitively with others in both one-on-one and group situations. Over the years, I have watched her professional practice grow in scope and depth. I believe this is due to her remarkable combination of passion for this work, well-developed facilitation skills, and an astonishing sense of personal trust in her own intuitive instincts when working with others.”

“Laura Tryon Jennings is a vibrant example of an artist who aims to fill her life with the creative perspective. This is evident not only in her art-works, but in her zest for sharing her passions for art-making, as an arts educator and facilitator. It is a delight to know that she is sharing her skills to help create a more creative and expressive world.”

“The opportunity to experience the work of Laura Tryon Jennings was uplifting, educational and highly creative. Her expressive self discovery exercises were powerful and most original! It is a pleasure to experience her facilitation of this deep transformative art process.”

Student Testimonials

“This was one of the best experiences I have ever had. This was so successful, it certainly has a lot to do with the choice and variety of artistic activities. While this is true, I really believe that our love of the workshop and the many, many things that we got out of it is due to Laura. Her experience, her training and understanding, her amazingly artistic abilities and most of all , her passion for the subject , and her deep caring for each of us. We are blessed to have her lead us on this journey.”

“This has been such a powerful and positive experience in artistic expression and understanding the art work. The experiences have given me feelings of confidence and happiness as well. It has been so wonderful to share our stories and our feelings through the artistic exercises. I feel that I have been able to express myself through art in a way that I haven’t been able to do. So much fun to explore colors and various media. A wonderful amazing program. Thank you!”

“I am about to participate in my last Revealing Pathways to Creative Expression class with mixed emotions. Grateful for Laura and the women that sit around this safe and sacred table at the Cancer Support Community in Norwell every Thursday for the last eight weeks. I did not know what to expect, but knew we were all navigating various journeys of cancer. That is what we had in common. We are not artists but we all agreed that the theme of “Healing the Mind” was a welcomed new adventure. Laura is a gentle and gifted instructor that began our various short exercises with a guided meditation of intention to access and release negative emotions and then do a turnaround into transforming our reactions. Reaching deep inside to honor our feelings with color and movement, but leave with re-envisioning. These are new tools to take and use on my own moving forward. I leave now with new commonalities through meditation, quiet non judgmental art expression and shares. I am comforted and grateful for this opportunity to meet amazing strong women. To shed fear, be open to new ideas and continue to be gentle with myself.”

“I created this tree as part of the Healing Arts Workshop facilitated by Laura Tryon Jennings at Hope Floats Wellness Center, which was a very positive experience. Having lost my Dad suddenly after a traumatic accident, this tree represents a peaceful place. The tree is my family. Despite its biggest limb being broken, it grows, with strong roots and shiny bark that brings to mind dreams and happier times. The swirling “branches” are symbols of the cycle of death and rebirth, and the small yellow flowers are harbingers of hope of brighter days to come.”

“As a parent of four Children-two of whom have severe cases of Cystic Fibrosis, I’m so grateful for the expressive arts program run by Laura Tryon Jennings through Fragile Footprints. Our lives are always in flux. We spend about 20% of our time at Children’s Hospital even when the children are at their healthiest. It is wonderful to know that there is one thing every week that all four of my kids can look forward to, and that is Laura’s art class. The time they spend with her is always exciting for them, yet calming. That alone is precious to us.”

“Going to art with Laura is very relaxing and relieving. It helps us get away from day-to -day life and escape for awhile. The bubble we enter when we paint helps us forget and lose ourselves, if only for a little while.”

“I am trying to work through the process of transitioning to an empty nest, in the near future, as a single parent of two young adults. The Women In Transition Workshop, facilitated by Laura Tryon Jennings, was exactly what I needed at exactly the right moment in time. Each exercise was a new discovery of thoughts and emotions that somehow get lost in the everyday business of living. Laura brings warmth and understanding to the discussions that follow in a safe and accepting environment.”

“For anyone at a crossroads, Laura Tryon-Jennings’ expressive arts workshop is your guidepost! Laura gently assists participants through an insightful process that bypasses the critical thinking human mind to access clarity, truth, and understanding. An illumined vision of the next step towards the best possible outcome on ones journey is revealed and a deeper knowing of one’s own resilience becomes evident.”

“When I attended the Women in Transition workshop by Laura Tryon Jennings, I was not sure what to expect. I had been to other meditation groups but couldn’t imagine how art could be used. The group was well structured, activities clearly explained, and an atmosphere of nurture created by Laura. The emotions I had buried within came up and out as if on cue. I had no idea how large they were and that they were suppressed under my conscious mind. It was an amazing experience, cathartic really, and I highly recommend it as a way to center, feel, release, and move into a better place for healing.”

“You are a beautiful light, thank you for all you do with your talents! Your Soul Painting class yesterday morning at Hope Floats was what my soul needed on so many levels; most importantly it was monumental to just hold paint brushes in my hands and feel inspired to paint again after 30 years!!! You bring a spiritual aspect to creating and painting that was so beautiful to witness in your class; each person felt the “tug” of connecting on a Soul level, feeling the “need” to be there yesterday. With your guidance to go within; each person was able to connect with their inner self and express emotions through their paintings making it very therapeutic and healing. My wish is to continue to paint, I’ve neglected my artistic self too long! Your class jump started me to go forth and create!!!! You’re a joy and I hope to join you again for Soul Painting”

“Since my daughter Mia has been going expressive art with Laura Tryon Jennings, I have begun to see a bit of dancing in her step and laughter in her eyes again! Mia has not wanted to talk about her loss with anyone but immediate family until she met Laura. The combination of Laura’s gentle demeanor and use of art have been perfect to connect with Mia, and therefore helps her greatly!”

“I feel so empowered to be myself to create and celebrate life. Everything I have learned can be used to be creative, to explore, and to feel the emotions of color, texture, and flare. I plan on continuing my journey exploring the arts. It’s so light and creates laughter, smiles, and hugs. I feel supported, loved, and accepted for myself.”

“Before taking this “Women is Transition” workshop I didn’t have clear goals set for myself. Now that I’ve taken this workshop I will use the tools and exercises taught. Laura is a friendly, organized teacher who helped me enjoy a relaxing day of self-reflection.”

“When I first arrived at this workshop I felt anxious about sharing my soul, as to speak. I realized how angry I was about myself for not taking better care of me and my soul. I leave here feeling more empowered, confident and not afraid to move forward anymore.”

“The class was very well organized and it allowed us to jump right into our feelings and gave us creative ways to explore new options and find peace. Laura provided a safe place where we felt heard and appreciated. Her gentle guidance was welcomed, inspiring and hopeful.”

“Thanks again for your Soul Painting class. I suspect the title and way you described the class helped in the selection of such wonderful people.
About my painting: I wanted to do a simple seascape but struggled with how to present a light source. I enjoyed fiddling with ways to hold the brush on its side to paint.
Please keep in touch about further classes at Hope Floats. Many thanks.”

“Loved getting in touch with the subconscious especially as it becomes conscious and eventually able to let go of what needs to be let go of. This was a wonderful experience. I also appreciated being able to talk with Laura when overwhelmed and needed understanding of what was going on. I was surprised by what came up.”

“Expressive art therapy was a true healing experience. Laura is THE BEST teacher, she is very understanding and helpful. We love her. We were able to envision what healing would look like for us and create that picture.”