Testimonials & Reviews

“The paintings of Laura Tryon Jennings speak of the energized, colorful, enchanting chaos that is life. Since acquiring our first painting in 1994, we now have six in our collection. We love the images with slightly distorted perspectives and curiously juxtaposed remnants of everyday life that seem to capture that split second in time before all hell breaks loose again.”

“Looking at Laura’s paintings is like spending time with an old friend. Her everyday subjects from morning breakfast and afternoon tea to rumpled bed sheets and inviting interiors capture the essence and simple pleasures of the everyday. Laura’s paintings inform the viewer of the relevance of our daily rituals. Her richly detailed works are like no other artist I represent.”

“This painting beautifully portrays integral aspects of the foundation of Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) education and learning, the rich history of the school, and student life. We were thrilled to work with such a talented artist in preserving the essence of HGSE’s home, given our potential move to the Allston campus. We are proud to have the work of art hang in our office for students, professors,
staff and visitors to enjoy.”

“Laura Tryon Jennings’ work represents a thoughtful perspective on familiar themes. Her use of size, color and detail present a delightful experience for the viewer. Jennings is an artist to watch.”

“Laura Jennings “Cereal Series” – much of it created just for her exhibition here at The Art Complex Museum, contained a number of large scale overhead views of simple and orderly breakfast table settings. The large lushly painted oils with oversized cereal bowls, coffee cups and sea shells carried a simple and often forgotten reminder that some of lives most rewarding and cherished moments are found in the simple things we do everyday.”

“… The painterly fragmentation feels much like particles colliding and bouncing off each other. Combined with the dizzyingly active color palette, your paintings have a high degree of internal action; zingy, popping action. And the most curious and interesting from a formal point of view is that in many of the paintings in which people appear, they are not the first things you see. The people are secondary to their environment, to the objects which identify them to themselves…There is energy, anxiety, nervousness and tension in your sunny light-filled visions of everyday life. Those paintings for me are impressive and personal and ambitious…”

“I am delighted to own several of Laura’s wonderful paintings, they are so very special and a constant joy to have in my home. Laura is a gifted painter with a keen, whimsical eye.”

“Like an implosion of interlocking pieces, Laura Tryon Jennings’ vividly colorful compositions are an original expression and modern amalgam of the many masters who have influenced her work. From the colorful complexity and tension of the German expressionists to the romantic intricacy of Klimt, her canvases tell stories informed by symbolism. Yet with all these influences Laura has created a style of her own, which combined with an imaginative gift for shape and color, led me to commission her work.”

“I have had the honor of knowing and working with Laura Tryon Jennings for many years now…we even attended the same college in England! Laura remains the record- holder for gallery sales here in our Charles H. Taylor Arts Center in Hampton, Virginia. She has mounted numerous solo and group exhibitions for us here and each one is better than the last! It has been one of my on going pleasures to witness her continual growth and exploration. She has now perfected a totally refreshing and very unique style of looking at the world around us and bringing a smile to your face! a presto!”

“Laura Tryon Jennings has developed an extraordinarily rich and personal approach to the art of both portraiture and interior space. She often uses a scene from above wide-angle perspective when she creates her rooms. When she places people in those rooms, they become enmeshed in all the detail in the space, which creates an intense, unusual psychological effect. Even when there are no people in her rooms, you are always aware of the human presence. In Massachusetts, a state which has many fine artists, Laura Tryon Jennings work stands out.”

“I admire the paintings of Laura Tryon Jennings very much. We share similar values and have become friends and fellow exhibitors. Her paintings of contemporary life are specific without being academic, her primary purpose being the exploration of art highly informed by abstract values. Her perspective views are personal and engaging. I find her work reflects her commitment and joy for painting.”

“Laura Tryon Jennings is an artist with a unique perspective on life. Her artist’s eye sees what we do not see. The vibrancy of her colors and the body language of her subjects enhances the view from her lofty perch and we are richer for it.”

“In her vivid, engaging paintings, L. Tryon Jennings captures the essence of family, of fleeting moments in time. Intimate slices of contemporary life, her intricately detailed interior worlds exquisitely express the yearning to create order, beauty, and tranquility out of the inherent chaos of the human condition.”

“The demands of each day blur time and our experiences. Laura’s work causes us to pause, look, and focus on the art and serenity within the moments of everyday life.”

“Laura Tryon-Jennings’ artistic interpretation of our life at home is nothing short of genius. The commissioned painting will be a treasured reminder of our life’s mid-point as artistically seen by Laura from a bird’s eye view. We are so impressed by her talent that we’re certain this work will be the first of many in our art collection.”

“Every new painting I view of Laura Tryon Jennings excites me beyond words. The way she portrays movement, the vivid colors and soft textures are all but tangible. It doesn’t matter whether she brings us into a landscape or onto a family setting; every scene reveals something personal, as if we are privileged to experience another’s private world. Her work accomplishes what art is meant to do: stir the soul and leave one with altered emotions!”

“When I saw Laura Tryon Jenning’s piece “Wrapped in Warmth” I knew I just had to have it. I coveted it from the Elizabeth Moss Galleries walls until the show “Something Blue…” came down and then I carried it directly to my car. I tried it out on my walls and knew it was home, in my home. It is placed at the top of the entry stairs as you enter the dining room. Despite the entry way filled with art, “Wrapped in Warmth” is the one that commands your attention with its dizzying array of brush marks in the red room and blue goblets on the dining room table. Falling in love with a work of art brings joy to the spirit and my spirit gets a jolt of glee every time I look at it.”